XCH Ready Disks - Pre-Plotted Hard Disks

XCH Ready Disks - Pre-Plotted Hard Disks

All of our disks are pre-plotted for plug and play availability, all plots are K32 uncompressed, we will be offering compressed plots as soon as the Chia Network release a standard on compressed plots.

When ordering your disks, please reply to your order confirmation with your public key and your pool contract address so that we can create the plots in our plotting platforms.

We usually aim to dispatch disks within 48 business hours of order but this usually dependant on plotter availability at the time of order.  We will inform you of a dispatch date upon receipt of order.

1-10 disks - Two working days
10-24 disks - Four working days
25-60 disks - Eight working
61 - 78 disks - Ten working days
78 - TBA

Once your disks are plotted, we will email a full plot report and plot check as part of our validation policy


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