BYOD - Plotting Service

BYOD - Plotting Service

Do you have your own disks but want to plot them quickly?  Then we can offer our BYOD (Bring Your Own Disk) plotting service.  From prices as low as £0.10 per plot and turnaround as quick as 72 hours, we have the ability to re-plot an existing farm or if you are buying a bunch of new disks to get you started off much quicker than you would normally.  We use state of the art plotting systems to minimise the plotting time and can accomodate compressed plots all the way up to C7 right now.

This price of this service is based on a number of factors

  • The number of disks
  • The size of the disks
  • The number of plots
  • Compression factor
  • Plotting time

To give an idea of the prices per plot, below are the mainstream disks sizes we use as well as receive for plotting from customers.  We do not support less than 24 drives for this service due to the process requiring a singole plotter to be used.  We can accomodate 24, 60, 78 and 108 disks in a single platform.


The process is simple
1. Email our sales team with your requirements.
2. Upon receipt of order confirmation, ship your drives to us.
3. We will plot the disks, perform a plots check on the disks and provide a report for each disk.
4. We will ship the drives back to you, or you can arrange collection of the drives.
5. Install in your farmer/harvester and add the plot disks.

Are you buying drives from 
Why not have them shipped directly to us from Scan, let them know, and let us know to expect them.


Interested in re-certified or white label disks?
We have teamed up with Datablocks in the Netherlands who can ship re-certified or white label drives for pre-plotting to us, if you wish to know more about re-certified and white labeled disks, check this post out by Datablocks

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